Must Love Flowers

Macomber Debbie

Little, Brown Book Group

Joan Sample has been content being something of a recluse. But after another birthday spent alone, she decides it's time to get back out into the world. With her sister's encouragement, Joan starts taking care of her overgrown lawn, adopts an energetic puppy, and even rents out her spare room. Maggie Herbert is overwhelmed, working mornings as a barista, studying to become a nurse in the afternoons, and avoiding her alcoholic father's temper at home. When she finds Joan's room to rent, she believes her luck has turned. Only after she moves in does she realise that her least favourite customer happens to be Joan's son - and she's just taken his childhood room. Despite a rocky start, a friendship blooms between the two women and they wonder if they've found the home they've been searching for. But as Maggie starts seeing a softer side to her nemesis and Joan grows closer with a local landscaper, they question if the risks they're taking in love and life will be worth it in the end...

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